Real Biz 2011, was by far more than I expected.

Hold on, let me pause and back up a step or two so that you can see first hand how this works. I met Web Smith a.k.a @CrossfitChron on Twitter. Through social media we began to communicate back & forth on various topics. That conversation led to what I like to call the beginning of a twitter-ship. Our social media interaction put us “belly to belly,” (in mid December of 2010 at the Next Level Invitational,) as Gary V had mentioned in his keynote at Real Biz 2011 .  That belly to belly interaction solidified what began as a simple twitter-ship and strengthened the connection. Now, let’s fast forward back to Real Biz 2011. 

Real Biz 2011 was about 1 underlying action step that when incorporated to interact with human nature (more so emotional connection,) we as entrepreneurs, businesses, brands, etc., can touch and move a human being through the proper use of social media. As the tag line for Real Biz 2011, perfectly stated, “One interaction can change the trajectory of your career,” as stated in the introduction.

My key takeaways from time spent at the Real Biz Uncensored conference, (other then getting a small taste of ATX, which by the way is awesome) are as follows:

  • Passion is what drives us to success. It is what feeds our goals, desires, and drive to change the world and to move the masses.
  • It is all about the end-user. Get involved in the conversation. Offer your time & expertise for your audience, in lue of pushing and drowning your audience in your message.
  •, find a conversation and apply your newly acquired skill of pulling from the conversation and getting involved to help not sell.
  • Think outside the box. Remember Gary V’s story about his client in Chicago, that was a die hard Jay Cutler fan? How about the story about John Pepper the CEO of Boloco? (They both used twitter by getting involved in the conversation and personally touching their clients.)
  • Part of thinking outside of the box is to constantly over-deliver & go above and beyond your clients’ expectations. This should be common practice, but it is not and it is often over shadowed by having to put out fires and deal with daily day to day business tasks. Make this a priority, shift your mindset and the culture of your business. If you have not read Deliverying Happiness by Tony Hsieh do so today. Which leads me into my next point…
  • Be hungry for knowledge (Mental Fitness.) Seek out as much knowledge/brain food as you can from, books, blogs, media, by talking to people that are doing it and have done it. Go to a coffee shop or old school breakfast cafe and spark up a conversation with an old timer. More often then not they will love the opportunity and have acquired wisdom, that only comes through life experience. Trust me they are more than willing to share their knowledge & wisdom to help you. Remember: Those that have succeeded and have been to the top want to help the new generation (You) get there. 
  • Hustle & Grind a.k.a. #Grustle: (Web, that one is on you.) You must out hustle and out grind anyone and everyone that gets in your way. There is always someone that is out there doing more than you are in what ever it is that you hustle at. As entrepreneurs we have the luxury of controlling our schedules and our destiny. It is a gift and a curse. Complacency can creep in and reside if we do not check it and stay on the path of grustle.

 In the end social media is the future and it works. It is bringing you back into the conversation. It is making business old-school again. It has brought back the importance of a strong culture with emotional human interaction. 

Twitter is more than a catchy hook on a rap song, it is more than a means to vent & b!$#@ the world out, it is the future of business. (This is not necessarily specific to twitter as a platform, because we do not know what will come in next to replace it, but more so what twitter has done for the customer.)

Through social media I have made many new connections that have become friends and have opened up new paths for our futures. We will continue to be on the cutting edge, we will continue to grustle, and we will continue to build the future together. I will see you on twitter. @RubenRojas